Past Bioblitzes & Testimonials

The Kingston Field Naturalists received a BEAN grant to support our 2016 BioBlitz. We used the money to build an insect trap which was most successful. Our total invertebrate species count for this BioBlitz was 249 with 80 moth species. Without the generous grant our tally could have been much less.

The trap is now being used by individual Kingston Field Naturalist members and will be brought to the 2017 BioBlitz for use by the club to count species in a different area. Apart from increasing the tally this trap taught participants that they too can survey with a home-made trap and note the biodiversity in their own areas in their own time. Moths in particular are so under-appreciated this is a way to introduce the amazing diversity and beautiful colours and patterns of this group of insects.

Thank you for enabling this project

Anne Robertson
for Kingston Field Naturalists


“The second annual Muskoka Turtle Blitz drew over a hundred participants to Bala to help catch turtles and collect data. It continues to be an excellent community engagement tool for our on-going turtle conservation efforts in the region!”

“The first ever Pelee Island Turtle Blitz was a success! Our volunteers were able to find juvenile Blanding’s turtles,confirming at least some successful reproduction, and even recaptured an adult Blanding’s turtle that had been marked in 1996! Thanks for your support!”

Jeff Hathaway at START (Saving Turtles At Risk Today)

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