Biodiversity Resource Links

Biodiversity (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry) Learn about MNRF’s role in supporting and protecting biodiversity, as well as Ontario’s species and ecosystems.

Biodiversity general information and links by Ontario Nature.

Explore Ontario’s Biodiversity (Royal Ontario Museum) This site provides information about the distribution and status of Ontario’s wildlife, by geographic region.

Biodiversity and Natural Values (Ducks Unlimited Canada) How biodiversity provides the fundamental building blocks for natural systems that produce ecological goods and services with real economic value.

Biodiversity in Greater Sudbury (City of Greater Sudbury) See what Sudbury’s doing to enhance biodiversity in that city, including development of a Biodiversity Partnership and a Biodiversity Action Plan. This could be a blueprint for your town or city.  The website of the federal, provincial and territorial working group on biodiversity, includes biodiversity information, news and events.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International Their mission is to produce a guide to support outreach efforts of Canadian botanical gardens, museums and zoos related to plant conservation.

Canadian Biodiversity Information Network (Environment Canada) Links the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and the Canadian Biodiversity Strategy to general public awareness and biodiversity-related information on a wide range of topics. Includes an Education & Awareness section.

The Canadian Biodiversity Website (McGill University) This a good site to start with to get a Canadian-based introduction to biodiversity, including theory, ecozones, species and issues.

The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) This major international initiative draws attention to the global economic benefits of biodiversity, highlights the growing costs of biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, and draws together expertise from the fields of science, economics and policy to identify practical actions for moving forward.

Environmental Education Ontario (EEON) provides comprehensive outcomes, needs and strategies for those involved in increasing environmental awareness and knowledge with 17 sectors of Ontario audiences. EEON also provides a listserve, links and networking for all audience groups and educators both formal and non-formal.

The Oak Ridges Moraine Foundation commissioned, and is now proud to have published, the Measuring Success on the Oak Ridges Moraine reports. Two years in the making, the eight-volume study documents where we are with the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan —successes, shortcomings, what’s working, what isn’t—and provides the government and other stakeholders with recommended actions and the data needed to plot a course that ensures its successful implementation and realization.

Ontario Stewardship Ontario Stewardship Councils help good ideas become great projects. Learn more about Ontario Stewardship in your community!

Ten Reasons to Save Biodiversity (NatureServe) A succinct yet comprehensive look at the value of biodiversity.

Wild Species 2005, the General Status of Species in Canada A comprehensive assessment of where we stand in terms of Canadian biodiversity by taxonomic group. Well-organized and easily to use.

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