Canadian Youth Biodiversity Network Seeking Youth Volunteers!

Blog by Aleks Spasevski

The Canadian Youth Biodiversity Network is seeking passionate Youth Volunteers from 18-30 to join our team as coordinators.

The Canadian Youth Biodiversity Network strives to become a platform to bring the voice of youth up to a national and international level while also bringing the international Sustainable Development agenda down to a local grassroots level. We want to connect youth all across Canada, from many backgrounds and different levels of experience.

As youth, we do have a voice and we care about what is happening to our environment. Through this network we hope to provide unique opportunities and having a seat at important meetings across the world while also trying to raise your concerns and your passions so that you will be heard.

For these roles, we expect dedicated and passionate youth that can commit approximately 5 hours per week of volunteering. This includes tasks that have been set out and bimonthly calls.

Location: Anywhere within Canada

Requirements: Must be 18-30 years of age

Current positions include:

Policy Coordinator

  • Leading policy taskforce aimed at providing policy recommendations for international and national policy
    Staying up to date with international and national policies related to biodiversity

Social Media Coordinator

  • Managing CYBN’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Ensuring the pages remain active while sharing relevant and original posts

Website Coordinator

  • Creating the CYBN’s website
  • Keeping the website up to the date
  • Help managing member requests through the websites

Networking Coordinator

  • Reach out to different youth and environmental organisations
  • Work on expanding CYBN’s network and members

Indigenous Voice Coordinator

  • Role reserved for an indigenous youth passionate about bringing out the indigenous youth voice and biodiversity
  • Reaching out to indigenous youth individuals/groups and providing a platform for their concerns relative to biodiversity

If you are interested in any of the positions or would like more information, please send us a message via our Facebook page at Canadian Youth Biodiversity Network or our email,

If you have any other ideas or roles that you think can benefit CYBN, send us a message!

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