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“When we think of nature, we think of lakes, rivers, oceans, forests, savannas and other ecosystems, each with their corresponding plants and animals. We often see ourselves as being outside of that realm, existing primarily in our built environment. There is some truth to this notion—most people living in urban or suburban areas in North America spend most of their time indoors or in a vehicle traveling to some other indoor space, without taking time to connect with nature. And yet, whether or not we are consciously aware of it, we are constantly connected to, and interacting with, nature and the environment…When we appreciate nature, we are far more likely to make choices that protect rather than harm it.” – Heather Govender, Program Director, Halton Green Screens

Halton Green Screens aims to inspire environmental stewardship through film across all communities in the Halton Region (Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton, and Oakville). Our goal is to raise awareness of environmental issues and inspire people to take individual and collective action for the environment. The Halton Green Screens Schools Program offers environmental programming in schools throughout Halton Region, using film as a tool to inspire environmental stewardship.

Schools Program Goals:
– Raise awareness of environmental issues among children and youth
– Cultivate individual and collective action for the environment
– Inspire students to take the lead on community action, but provide support following the event

Specific Program Activities:
Our major activities include environmental film screening events, with films chosen to educate the public on various environmental topics and inspire them to take action in environmental stewardship. Film screenings are followed up by a guest speaker, a discussion, or a hands-on workshop, all of which provide specific actions that we can take in support of the environment. Workshops range from DIY personal care products, upcycling workshops, #HaltonWasteChallenge in elementary schools and secondary schools…and so much more!

Amateur Film Festival:
The Halton Green Screens “Amateur Film Festival” is all about getting our local community involved in environmental stewardship. The Film Festival is open to all residents of Halton, including post-secondary students who are currently away at a college, university, or professional skills school. We want to hear YOUR voice on environmental issues! Qualifying videos will be uploaded to our YouTube channel, may be included in our schools program, and will go through a selection process to be shown at a public green carpet event in June.

Films chosen for our public showcases in June or September will be shown on the big screen at Film.Ca Cinemas in Oakville. Click here for full details.

Event Greening:
We also partner on other film screenings and events to provide support in “greening” the event. An important aspect of our educational programming is that consideration for the environment and our impact applies to all events and activities, not just events with specifically environmental themes. We train volunteers to help with event greening to help us meet our goal of involving members of community in environmental stewardship, and to provide meaningful opportunities for local youth to complete their community service hours.

To help support this program and its free services, please contact

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