How Watersheds Canada is Re-Naturalizing Canada’s Shorelines

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Every person has the right to access clean and healthy lakes and rivers in Canada. At Watersheds Canada, we work to keep these precious places naturally clean and healthy for people and wildlife to continue using for years to come. We work with others to meet the needs of local communities, whether you are a concerned citizen, a landowner, a lake association looking for help, or a coalition of groups interested in activating your local community. While we are a small grassroots organization, we offer Canadians many great open-source programs:

The Natural Edge

Shorelines are one of the richest environments on earth, but they are also among the most threatened. Shorelines are the “ribbon of life”, where 90% of lake life is born, raised, and fed.

During a free site visit, we will walk your property’s shoreline with you to discuss any concerns you have, as well as make recommendations for improvements. We can create a planting plan with you on-site using our open source software. With your input, we will choose appropriate plants based on your land characteristics and height preference, and let you place them where you like.

We are connected with partners across Canada who use our software to deliver this program and make your project a success.

Funding provided by the Daniel and Susan Gottlieb Foundation.

Love Your Lake

A healthy lake starts with healthy shorelines. Our trained staff evaluate your shoreline or can give you the necessary information to perform your own self-assessment. Either way, you will get helpful tips for improving the quality of your shoreline and your lake.

Developed in partnership with the Canadian Wildlife Federation, Love Your Lake translates science into action. Since shorelines are unique and sensitive areas, protecting them benefits your waterfront property and the lake.

Your shoreline is meant to be naturally beautiful. A naturalized shoreline is easy, long lasting with minimal maintenance. It is cost effective, the native plants and flowers are stunning, and you will attract all sorts of birds, frogs, and turtles to your lake.

Fish Habitats Programs

Many waterbodies are lacking natural woody structures due to cottage owners, and marina and resort operators that prefer to “clean up” their waterfront properties by removing natural fallen trees, branches, stumps, and other habitat features.

Watersheds Canada, in partnership with many different groups, has been working to develop habitat enhancement programs that can be delivered across the country. Christie Lake, Dalhousie Lake, White Lake, and Easton’s Creek are just a few water bodies that have benefited from our fish habitat pilot projects.

Projects create brush/tree bundles and sink them in waters greater than 12 feet deep to provide fish habitat without impeding boat traffic. These in-water structures provide excellent nursery habitat for many species such as walleye, yellow perch, bass, crappie and panfish. Shoreline properties are also stabilized where runoff, erosion, vegetation removal, and nutrient loading are affecting fish habitat.

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