International Biodiversity Day Celebrated throughout Ontario

All of us here at BEAN would like to thank everyone who took the time to apply for International Biodiversity Day event funding.  BEAN received a record number of applications this year. Applications came in for a range of events across the province – from multi-day events drawing thousands of people in Toronto, to invasive plant removals and nature hikes in small communities.  Regardless of the size or type of event, all of the activities are wonderful ways to engage local communities in biodiversity conservation and improvement.  The review committee had a tough job narrowing it down to just 30 projects to fund. 

This was the first year BEAN earmarked funds specifically for BioBlitz styled events.  These are citizen science days, where volunteers, led by professional naturalists and biologists survey and catalogue the species in a certain area.  BioBlitzs provide valuable information about the plants, animals and fish that depend on certain habitats.  BEAN is proud to be able to fund 6 of these in various locations around the province.  You can check out one – the Ontario BioBlitz – this weekend!

Tomorrow (May 22nd) is officially International Biodiversity Day, but events are taking place across the province throughout May and June. Over the next few weeks, here on the blog, we’ll highlight a few of the Ontario events as well as the history and international context of the International Biodiversity Day. 

In the meantime, to find an event near you, please visit BEAN’s online calendar.

For more information on the history of the International Biodiversity Day and for activities taking place around the world, check out the Convention of Biological Diversity’s website.

Happy Biodiversity Day!

Volunteers remove bags of the invasive plant Garlic Mustard (Alliaria petiolata)