Invasive Species

Invading Species Awareness Program A partnership of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, ISAP provides free information (e.g. brochures, watch cards, stickers, signs, posters, education kits, prepared presentations) on invasive species, and what you can do to prevent their spread. Report sightings of invasive species.

The Ontario Invasive Plant Council is a non-profit organization working with partners from diverse sectors to address prevention, impacts, management, control and legislative issues related to invasive plants in Ontario.

Invasive Species in Canada A new web portal that serves as a gateway to information on Canada´s efforts to reduce the risks invasive species pose for the environment, economy and society. It provides links to credible sources on invasive species.

UN booklet on invasive species Excellent global introduction to the threat invasive species pose to biodiversity.

Garlic Mustard Identification and Control Excellent, 13-minute video; scroll about halfway down the page.

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