Planting the Seed

Schoolyard Tree planting with St Kateri Elementary School.

Blog by Juliana DeNardi, ReForest Long School Program Coordinator; Photos provided by ReForest London

From little acorns, great oaks grow. No one knows this better than our enthusiastic Seeds to Forest students in London and Middlesex County. This past February, nearly 1,300 students (aka future forest stewards!) had the opportunity to plant an acorn of their own. They are now responsible for their little oak trees, caring for them until they can be taken home and planted in their own backyards – once planted these trees will provide numerous benefits including shelter and food for urban wildlife, absorbing pollutants and storing carbon.

Launched in 2018, the Seeds to Forest program provides environmental education and hands-on learning to elementary students in grades 4, 5, and 6 across London and Middlesex County schools. The goal of this program is to connect students to their local environment and enhance their understanding of trees and forests in both urban and natural environments. Students learn about trees and their impact on the local environment through a 4-part series of educational activities. Classes that participate engage in seedling growing workshops, the first in our four-part program that also includes a site-plan workshop, schoolyard tree planting, and a hike at Westminster Ponds Environmental Significant Area.

These hands-on, interconnected activities enhance kids’ connection with nature and their understanding of trees, teach them about the role of trees in our urban forest, and add more trees to schoolyards in London, contributing to London’s Million Tree Challenge.

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Taking a break to enjoy the view during the hike through Westminster Ponds Environmental Significant Area.

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